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How did Nostradamus predict the future?
How to have this ability.

Michel de Nostredame, usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, physician and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events. The book was first published in 1555 and has rarely been out of print since his death. He was able to predict so many events like the rise of Hitler, Great Fire of London (“The blood of the just will be demanded of London - Burnt by fire in the year ‘66 - The ancient Lady will fall from her high place - And many of the same sect will be killed.” -nostradamus)and much more. This made think about how was he able to form such accurate predictions and if it is even possible in the first place, and if it is; how can we achieve it.

Nostradamus was believed to being able to see through the future when looking at water, now there isn't many ways to look at this problem but we can provide some theories to explain this paranormal ability that Nostradamus was able to achieve. The first, he was able to access some sort of Grand Knowledge in the universe, people like to call it the Akashic Field or Records that even Nikola Tesla believed there was a place where all knowledge is accessible with the right conditions. This theory can also be related to Quantum mechanics in the Zero Point Field where the Quantum vacuum is a state of matter found within the universe, that is free from of known matter and energy. Which means that all particles of matter and energy are removed, leaving it with only absolute pure vacuum (pure emptiness), but even if there is nothing, virtual particles are created there by some force. Similar to Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce also claimed to have the ability to access this field with his mind. This theory of the Akashic records has been related to consciousness and claimed that this is where ideas are created, and the brain is just a tool to access and to connect to the records, with this, these people were able to access some of the knowledge about many events. But, if the Akashic records is a place where just our thoughts reside, this doesn't explain that by accessing them it would show the future because simply that place will be filled with only thoughts of the present, not the future which makes impossible even for the existence of the Akashic records, I might be missing something but if this theory is true and the knowledge is all the knowledge of the whole past and present and future, this means that these thoughts are somehow there even with non existence of the future in our universe, making it come from somewhere else because the future is not there yet, thus these thoughts are formed by another way or through some time altering, meaning that time is relative in a way that all actions made are registered in a Past - Present - Future all together. This doesn't seem to be the most logical explanation but there is much more.

Nostradamus wrote most of his popular predictions in sort of poems and the problem is, he didn't really tell us anything but riddles and puzzles which we will have to do the work of relating it to some event that happened. Logically speaking, all of the sayings that he wrote could be a possible coincidence. I say this because, the way he describes the events is through poets and not really telling us the information in an easy way, thus even if he did see something when looking into the water as he claims, he didn't really see a lot but only a fraction if even that fraction is true, meaning that he needed a way to express his prediction by using poetic words to fill in the blanks. Now his predictions could apply to any event, but there are some who have low probability of happening. Most of his predictions can be debunked, even the "Pasteur" one.

Now, how do we predict the future with none of these previous theories that are claimed to be true. To predict something in the future, you need observation - knowledge of the situation you are targeting - Understanding of human behaviours (manipulative level). With these you can construct a successful predictions and leave the rest to people, because they will tend to reveal some information from your prediction and relate it to a specific event. Because, most people try to make things more complex and try to divulge things that are not even made by the author of who wrote the prediction. So firstly, we have observation. Observation is very useful, making you notice more details and information in small things, thus you will surpass other people with it. To observe is to pay attention to everything going on your subject which you are trying to predict. The knowledge is all the necessary information to know what you are doing right or wrong, meaning that you need to understand both scientific and philosophical knowledge so that you don't miss something and to make your prediction more accurate. Finally, understanding human behaviour is the same as observation but with an extra ~humanic observation to know your people and somewhat to do a behind the scenes predictions of their behaviour to your prediction in both present and future events. Let's say I make this prediction "Those of the six and the seven shall be punished, their creation of the robotics will make rise to tears to the monkeys.". Now this prediction is meant to be seen as an era where robots and AI will have bodies and will share the earth with us, and they will be abused by humans which will make rise to a group of people ("monkeys") protecting and fighting for robot-rights. Notice How i inserted both observation that consisted of observing the current technology and the rise of it. Next, I used the knowledge that i have about AI and Robots and statistics describing when we will have full functional robots in our houses working for us, then i understood the human behaviour and made a probability of people accepting my prediction of it being true because of my decision of the robotic subject and because it is a global thing that everyone is afraid of happening (one day robots will be become alive and aware) and i used all of these to my advantage to both make a high probability of something that could really happen while manipulating the reader of believing i have some sort of power. The quote "Those of the six and the seven" is the example of the human behaviour trying to figure what would this mean, and so he will be trying to decipher it and will probably end up in a date or an organization or a name in the future of something that has nothing to do with my prediction but people will relate it with something making my prediction more accurate.

Well, you might even become a prophet or a godly figure if you know how these human beings really work. Manipulative and realistic skills work pretty well together to convince someone of something. With the right tools, right understanding you can easily deceive people or reach the point that you even deceive yourself.

“Will the future bring your wisdom to me?
Or will darkness rule the kingdom for all eternity?
You will live in my heart…
I will still remember even though we are apart.
I will feel you there for me
As I walk the road of life
You help me fight for what is right I will honour thy name”