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Philosophy (from Greek φιλοσοφία, philosophia, literally "love of wisdom") is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is such a wonderful knowledge to study. It revealed to me so many aspects about life. It showed me the truth about so many concepts and the reality of them. At first, It was hard and painful to grasp the awful truth about so many things, I hated the fact that it was right all along and it was the lies that I have been absorbing since my birth by my community and enviromment. But soon, I started to accept it and understand the fundemantals of very aspect of that field of philosophy. I have read about many philosophers, but one has left a huge impact on me and that was Nietzsche. Philosophy is a good place to start if you want to explore your mind and the world around you, and I recommend people to study it at least once their life time.

Philosophy of God

I was a religious guy and I always believed that there is a God somewhere in the universe watching over us and protecting us. I remember when i was a kid, i cried when listening to my mother explaining hell to me and how i will enter this realm if i didn't follow the rules. The rules were simple, follow your religion's book and pray to god, and never dough anything that it says, because at the end; It is the words of god. Every week, we have these classes of religion teachings, and it tires me to the core listening to people claim the truth about something with no absolute proof.

All religions have their own miracles, every single one of them claim that they know the true word of god. Every single one of them claim that they are communicating with real omniscient, all-knowing god. They all say the same thing. Over and over again. All of them have their books. A book that has the words of god, a set of instructions that you are born to follow like a robot. Isn't that what we already do in our everyday life, we just follow the pattern without thinking about nothing else. Afraid of being judged by society. We are all robots. We are all slaves to ourselves and people. Education teaches us how to be a robot, how to behave like one, to work in a decent job and do the same thing everyday, the same loop every morning. It doesn't even give you time to think and wonder about your world and existence and that is why we are so blinded, we forget that we are slaves, robots made to work and to follow. I mean look at your religion, even your god created you to follow rules and instructions and if you don't, you will go to hell and live there for the rest of eternity. For what? Because you chose to not follow. You chose to rise and create a meaning in a meaningless world, because you decided that you will be free for once. Yet, you will go to hell. What does a perfect being except from an imperfect being? It is rather strange, isn't it?

The brain is easily damaged, most of us suffer from mental illnesses and we don't even know it. Anxiety, depression, stress, anger issues, bipolar disorder. A good brain is everything in the world. If God created you with a lower intelligence and with a bad brain that suffers from illnesses, you are doomed. Bad brain results in bad decisions, a good brain results in good decisions. The bad brain will always fail. An active brain will always succeed. You can observe that in your school, just compare yourself with someone that is superior in intelligence than you or the opposite. The point is, how can a god that created you with a bad brain expect anything from you, knowing that he gave you the "free-will" that religion claims you have.

I do not hate religion, nor the people that follow it. It is a choice after all. I just think that the idea is absurd and contradicting sometimes. In my website i have a field that targets religions and the some of the teachings that it represents. Some of the philosophy that religion represent can be very helpful for some people and i respect that. Even i get fascinated by the guidance and wisdom given in the some religions in the sections of the importance of love, family and sacrifice.

Lastly, I find religion both a blessing and a curse at the same time that descended upon humanity. A blessing in the hope that it gives to humans, as many of us find religion as a way to redeem their acts and maybe suppress some of their dark desires, it can also be beneficial for those who like to just follow without asking so many questions, and to find someone to talk to and cry to when they feel alone or when they feel pain. A hope for the deceased that they are allright in heaven. And a curse in the suspension of one's mind, it stops the questioning of life and existence. It can also result in some in some actions that can be harmful when someone likes to force their belief upon someone. Well religion is quite strange in it's on way.

There is a lot to say about god and we can keep going all day. But more on that later. Now the question goes back to you, do you believe a religious god could exist? and why? I will be trying to answer that in my next post.

"Philosopher Al-Ma'arri, Heaven and Hell."

Humans and lies.

It is funny, how a lot of people when you ask them if they lie in their daily basis, they will calmly respond with a no and will try justifying it with their religious rules that prohibit lying or with some sort of general respect of not lying towards people because it is bad. Well, I've had my share of these people, and i met with so many who claim that they do not lie. Lying is a part of the human nature, we always lie. You can see the pattern of "lying" in so many cases. The first is towards people and the second towards themselves. I personally don't care about them lying to others because everyone does that and we can't deny that because the Truth hurts. In order to not lie to people, it is to tell them the truth to their faces. Which will cause you to have probably no friends and no social interactions and the reason behind my statement is simple. When you look at someone you simply don't tell them the truth about their looks, body, intelligence etc, you can't do that because when humans are faced with the truth they will not accept it, but will try to see you as the bad guy. Someone who doesn't understand how social life works, someone who is a jerk, it has always been like that. A lot of people do not see lying as a very important subject to discuss but it is, in so many levels.

The most dangerous forms of lies are the ones that you tell yourself. Lying to yourself is a very bad mentality, as soon as you start lying to yourself you will eventually distant you from you. You will not know what you really want or what to believe or not believe in anymore, you will simply be lost. Telling yourself that you are a handsome young man or a beautiful young lady when in reality there is something inside of you whispering to you that is not true. it is that voice that tells you the real truth about yourself, that voice is the one that will help you know yourself better and will end in you accepting the true version of your true colors. Never let the inner-self leave you. You may have sexual desires or dangerous desires that you hide from yourself and you are afraid to become that monster inside of you, but the more you can understand that monster and accept it as your friend, the more it gets back to you. at that point you can truly find peace within your mind. This acceptance comes from the truth that you will need to confess yourself about, it can be very hard and you might try to distract yourself from it , but you need to say it anyways. When the acceptance is complete, you may know look at people and you might be capable of seeing their true self and at this moment it will be easy to look through their lies that they tell to people and most importantly themselves.

Being you is hard, and i understand how that feels. Acceptance is the only way to not be a slave to your people. Acceptance will teach about who do you really love and who do you really care about. It is like a locked door and all you need is the key, and the key is your monster. When you open that door you may find good or bad things and the only way to do deal with them is through acceptance.

Life and the Truth theory(part: I)

Life and meaning, does life have meaning? this is the question that puzzled the whole world for centuries, but we still don't know the answer. But, some of us claim they know the answer of the meaning of life and those are the ones who believe in a particular religion. The meaning of life can be very hard to construct and comprehend. I've always believed that the absolute truth can't exist, i think that nothing can be proven right nor wrong. It is a pretty hard concept to go by in your life but it is the truth. You can't prove that you are not living in a simulation, you can't prove that other persons are real and they are just some sort of robots, you can't prove that god exist, nor you can disprove it. In science, they are a lot of signs that decline a creator and that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be one out there. The point is nothing can be proven 100% right or wrong. The only thing that we experience is the "regular truth" that we use in our daily life, but the "absolute truth" is something beyond our understanding.

This is my theory about the Truth:

The Truth Theory:

1- Regular Truth: It is the truth that we use in our daily life, to describe, to mention things to each other. It is used by humans, and this truth ignores the "absolute truth rule". We say this truth without thinking if there is a possibility of it being true or false but we just assume that it is true or false based on Human logic.

2- Absolute Truth: It is the truth that can't be verified. It can be true or false, and we can't know which one because of the human brain and the limitations within it. Like "Does God exist?" You can neither say True or False, because simply your brain isn't made to comprehend such concept.

3- Obligatory Truth: it is the truth that is being forced into your brain and awareness, forcing you to accept such claim of a statement. This type is either planted into you by a someone or a Godly being. Also, when this type is put into action you have no choice but to accept the truth statement that is being forced into your brain even if it doesn't match the other people's statement like (x : "God exist!" / y : "You can't prove or disprove that statement!" / x : "What are you talking about, it is in my brain. I know he does exist.). When i say forced into the brain, i mean it is literally planted like a disease or a mental illness that takes control of that region in the brain that makes someone to have no choice but to accept that truth.

That is my theory about how the truth works. In my next post I'll explain every type in details.

The Truth

The idea of the existence of the truth is very fascinating, i have been wondering for a long time about the real form of truth and if it does even exist. To explain my thoughts on this theory, i would like you to read my last post. Now, i believe that there is no absolute truth but me saying this statement is itself contradicting because i am claiming a truth in the saying of "there is no absolute truth". This might be confusing, but i still don't believe that the absolute truth exists and i don't believe my statement of the non-existence of the absolute truth is true nor wrong, and we can keep going into an infinite loop of arguments and contradictions that will lead me to nothing, unless i am being capable of understanding somewhat of infinity. This is one of the hardest concepts to understand, but even with the understanding of it, it will leave you with a feeling of nothingness as it proves that nothing can be verified and my own statement is too a non-verifiable statement and loop continues once again.

To solve this problem, i tend to create types of the truth that we can comprehend. Firstly, the regular truth, it is the normal and daily functions of the statement that we say that are true or false using our human logic and some moral principles. We can say that "Earth is a sphere" and that is completely normal and justifiable by scientific reasons. This regular truth is not to be mixed with Relativism, it is completely different.

The next type is the Absolute truth, the absolute truth doesn't exist and the absolute truth can exist. Now this is contradicting but it is right because in this field there is nothing but nothingness, and no human can understand and live with these rules because they simply don't make sense to our brains. It is a place where every rule fails to apply but also succeeds. It is the place where right or wrong are both possible but impossible at the same time, humans can't understand this. Next is Obligatory Truth, a forced truth by a powerful godly entity or by a brainwash that can't be found and is forced through the brain. Finally, there is the personal truth, which is basically anyone believes what he wants to believe even if it is wrong.

All of this writings may have some sense into them, but still we didn't answer the question. Where is the truth? does it exist? The answer is quite complicated even if we make a whole book about it, because it is simply a very confusing thought. I do believe that our beliefs can't be verified to an absolute level, but there is a possibility of it being wrong, it is simply our incapability of our human powers to see through what is right and wrong. But remember, even if the truth doesn't exist in a certain way that doesn't mean you should do whatever you want, and that is because you are a slave to your people and you should follow the rules to get what is necessary so that you can live.

Religion: Good or bad?

Well, both. Religion is both good and bad in many ways, if you try to look into the positive side of religion. You will find a lot of benefits provided by it, for example religion is all about good and tries to eliminate the idea of evil in most cases relating it with the devil. Which means, that the impact that religion has provided to the world is really profound and helpful and that applies on the ideas and rules that they force into the individual, like to not kill, to not lie, to not commit any sort of sin and at the end it gives the eternal happiness if you go by the rules and follow them (heaven), and if you don't you will be punished by going to hell which makes a lot of people not wanting to commit serious crimes and makes them redeem themselves just because of the belief that hell exists. Most people who have lost hope in life, go to their God for help and cry to him, which can be very helpful and can give most people hope that one day all of their pain will be gone and God will reward them because of their patience. Plus, many great philosophers and scientists wouldn't make such contributions to humanity in their field if they didn't question their religion and their God so that they can escape their prison of religion and question their true reality, and again religion contributes to one even when he leaves it making him hungry to question even more.

With all of these benefits, no one can deny that religion is bad in many ways. It has contributed in so many deaths of innocent people. With more than 1000+ religion on planet earth, a lot of people seem to get offended if someone doesn't follow their religion which results into chaotic behavior from people against other people because of religion differences. Religion limits the mind of many people, making it hard for them to know what is true and what is not and limits them from breaking from their cage. Religion provides a set of instructions that you need to follow in order to win the love of your god, which means that you are a slave to your religion, making it more hard to escape from your enslavement. The enslavement by your society, elite and religion.

Religion is good and bad. It has good sides and bad sides, but you can't just remove religion completely and claim that religion has no impact into humanity. Religion has provided a set of moral and rational principles that people followed for centuries and it has helped us in many ways in this life and made it bad too. The reality is, most people aren't smart enough to question or to think for themselves, so religion comes in handy and gives people what they want. People want to follow because we already got used to it by our Elite and society, and a simple life without questioning to much. Finally, they are some religions that provides really good teaching like "Buddism" and other and we should somewhat respect those who made them because they were truly intelligent people and good philosophers.

The Human State

I have been studying the behavior of human beings for quite some time, of course my first study is on "myself". At the end, there is only one person which you can study deeply and really experience, which is yourself. When studying other people, it is hard to determine their inner thoughts that are hidden in the deep sea of unconscious. The only thing you can really do, is to get some hints from their unconscious behavior put to the world and try to come up with a theory of their real selves. The construction of the mind is very complex, and many people don't understand the depth that we carry with us. Sadly, a great portion of this complexity is lost through repetitive patterns that don't make sense to us. yet, the repetitiveness of something because is utterly simple and dangerous. This repetitiveness made its way inside of our brains and somehow we enjoyed it. The act of obeying was normal to us. The only way to explain it is because of the observations that were made since our childhoods, social media, schools... They all contributed into the fact of making us dumb. It is only a repetitive act that we do every time contributing into building the foundation of our laziness for knowledge. We absorb things we don't questioning it, we do things just to appear good in the eyes of society, at the end we just fake our lives. Of course, this misery will only start to appear when you get older and you wake up finding yourself in front of a desk doing things that are meaningless for you and for everyone else. Depression starts to climb up to your thoughts and soon you realize that the damage has already been done and it might be too late to recover from it. You lean into pills and drinking, hoping it will make you forget about your past but as soon as your back to normal, it all starts once again. Here, you find yourself lost. Only to continue the act of obedience once again.