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Cause and Effect Manipulation (Part: 1)

The idea has been messing with me for a very long time, and I have been thinking about applying it somehow in some way. Causality is the principle that every cause has an effect. This is the core principle of Physics, and it has been a debate about the beginning of the universe of a first cause to create the universe. But, this cause and effect topic made me see something far deeper into human nature.

First, this led me to the conclusion that none of us is responsible of a certain action. If you made an action (cause) towards me, then I am not the only one responsible about the effect that will happen. But, we are both responsible at the same time. Let's say, You and me are faced with two paths (A and B). You tell me to go in path B (cause), then I follow your order and I ended up dying by falling into something (effect). This means, that you played a role in my death and I played a role too in following your decision and resulted in my death. This goes deeper but with this, we can say that every action made by someone is effecting his lifetime. Not only this, but with this theory. I will try to manipulate a cause to my own benefits to create a certain effect to create a chaotic channel of events. My belief is that there is a pattern, and within this pattern there must be a way to have a high probability of something happening as you desire. The problem is that every sensitive condition can lead into a chaotic pattern which is unpredictable. That is not what my theory is, I am aiming into understanding both human manipulation and forming a principle pattern of their behaviors and also understanding the manipulation of physical objects. With both of these, a person can be influenced and manipulated into doing a certain something, and with the understanding of the surroundings and objects around him. It can effect him in a very tremendous way leading him into a chaotic system with high probabilities of my objective being a success.

Life is so unstable, and just like and Butter-Fly Effect. Small changes can result in big effects, taking that into consideration makes our mission harder as so many conditions can happen from nowhere. To solve this, I tending to create something called "A Usual Pattern". It is a repeated pattern that has high probability of maintaining the events happening to it in a repeated way. Of course, this pattern isn't always stable and keeps the same pattern going. There is always considerations of something interrupting it. Now, Imagine that you are in a closed room with a door. You go through the door and you walk in finding your friend John, John is a friendly guy and every time you meet him, you guys talk about politics. You are in the room with him, and you go in a straight line and you guys talk about politics. Everyday, you repeat the same process, talking about the same subject. This is "A Usual Pattern", it keeps repeated the same behavior and pattern produced by the two of you even thought small changes might happen they don't really create a chaotic system. This time, you will enter the room and you will change the subject into philosophy and you will also change the direction of which you approach him. This will create a chaotic system where the "usual pattern" breaks and create a high functional probability of something changing and even change course of events. This pattern can be applied in the real world, when knowing how to apply it effectively with human manipulation and understanding. All you need is, studying the subject you will be testing this on and being able to predict his actions in "A Usual Pattern" that you will need to find within him and BREAK IT.