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The Misapprehend Theory

I decided to give my theory the name of Misapprehend Theory because it describes a phenomena happening in everybody's mind. It is the misunderstanding of the truth about things. In our daily life, we might watch or hear a truth seeker arguing about the truth of the universe and that we are living in a matrix without in scientific background or maybe a religious person claiming that humans are the perfect design without any biology or neurology background. I've seen this instants happening everywhere.

Why I consider this as a problem, is because many people get connected to their theories and believe them as the truth. If I haven't done my studies in physics and cosmology, I am not going to put a claim over the size of the universe and conclude it is infinite just because I think so or it seems logical to "me". The problem is people may consider anything to be true if it seems like it without doing the deep research into those things. For example, I might think that the human body has no flaws and the best creation of the universe, but without really studying the human body in depth (biology), only making conclusions of my mind that are based on my logic. My theory tells us that we are deluded with the gaps inside of our logic, and the only way to fill those gaps is through the study of the specific subject you are searching on and then making a perfect, well-studied conclusion. In order to solve this misunderstanding, before we make a bold claim and take it as the truth. We need to study the subject in depth and through time.

A very good example that I've found, is the problem of the universe and if it is infinite. Many people will say "yes" just because it seems logical and people will also mention that if the universe is indeed infinite, then there is infinite versions of "you" in the universe. Now, this is not true. Because of cardinality of infinities. Meaning that the universe is not going to clone you infinite times, because infinity is simply a way of having endless amount of infinite unique stuff not replicas. You can think of it as a number (let's say 9), is 9 going to be repeated in an infinite number list? Exactly. This is one example of many misunderstandings happening constantly.

I think with the wide spread of information in the internet has led to many wrong assumptions absorbed by minimal information in the media and with it people tend to make "logical" arguments and ideas around this small facts. I hope this can be fixed in the future, because it is going to help humanity progress into a more intellectual civilization. I too, find myself in a "Misapprehended" state and every time that happens, I try to learn more about the subject to reveal the abstracts and then come with the proper conclusion.