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The Human need for Meaning.

I've always been fascinated by the ideas of a higher power and the philosophical ideas that opened my mind. At one point, I re-examined myself so that I can understand where does my passion of the Truth behind the world come from. I left religion at an early age, but later found myself in the box. The nihilistic thoughts started descending on me from the heavens, I then knew how religion was both protecting me and lying to me at the same time. The maze of meaning became very real, and with this maze i chose to not finish it but to accept that life has no meaning and everything is a distraction of the boredom and the meaningless found within it. After a while, I found out that i was looking for the truth behind everything, searching in every field i can get my hand into without knowing that all this time i haven't really accepted that life is meaningless but my inner self always tried to provide me with a possible meaning waiting for me out there. I then realized that all this time, every existential philosophical debate i had with myself was there only to make me convince myself that there was a meaning to this world. This made me understand how we always strive for a meaning in this world and how the mind creates things for us to find that meaning, even if we are atheists to the core. We will still try to look for a meaning, hoping that one day a great force or a great paranormal phenomena will happen so that it will drive us to find the real truth of the reality. Who wouldn't want to know the truth of all things?