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The Mystery of Love

Everyone in the world has encountered the girl or boy that he or she felt a deep connection or some sort of attraction towards him or her. Some people call that love, the intense feeling of deep affection. I consider this feeling as a mystery, an obscure sense of emotion that I still try to find the solution to.

In my theory, I think love doesn't really exist. I always wondered is the feeling of love created by the looks of that special person, the personality or the acts of kissing and sex that make up the full love theory. If we choose someone who you really like and remove his beautiful looks and replace them with unattractive appearance. Would the attraction and affection be the same? and would you accept him as he is, for only his personality, or would you have fallen in love with him in the first time? I suspect many people would not. If we consider the personality factor as the prime motive of attraction. Then, would you like him even if he changes over time in his persona? We come to the conclusion that love is not stable but a very unstable feeling that may only last a few seconds in the instant of the saying "falling in love".

So what is true love? Is it dying for your lover? Is it loving each other to the last minute before your death? Or is it the all of the struggle, happiness, tragedies and all of the moments in life shared between these lovers? In truth, it might be all of them, or none. Love can be very wonderful and beautiful, but painful too. Every single person views love differently, some people think it is the only way to save the world and gain peace. Some think it is the way of god and gift from him to man kind. For myself, I don't know. I started losing emotions long time ago, and day by day I really can't feel things like I use too. This time, I will not end this article with a painful conclusion. But, I will leave the answer to you. So, what is love?