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A Genius is an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity. In you daily life, you might notice someone who seems to be very smart and intelligent. These sort of people can be observed in schools or within your family, but the reality is much complicated to spot a genius with very high exceptional skills. When we think of geniuses, we tend to think of Einstein, Nietzsche, Pascal, Goethe and Newton. Surely, all of them are geniuses with vast knowledge and high IQs. Although, it has been studied that 150+ in IQ indicates a state of genius. IQ tests are not really that valid, because they can easily be corrupted and have multiple solutions by different observations. If we have a mathematician, then he might view an IQ test based on mathematical logic, a painter might view the test from a artistic perception, thus resulting in various solutions by different perceptions.

My theory is that there are patterns that show some hints that an individual might be intelligent. Often, they tend to spend their time alone when they get older and that is because there is a lack of people around him that share their passion for philosophy or science. A strong imagination plays a big role into indicating a creative mind too. Being well educated is not the same as being smart. I personally have noticed in school, that some people got very high grades. The thing is, is that most of these people are not really intelligent but only study very hard and learn everything about their subject so that they could get first grades. But where you can be a genius, is in figuring out a method and a theory from those studies, not to learn them by only applying them in your exam, but to find something unseen and to reach a new thing. You can get high grades with this technique, it is pretty easy. All you need is to not spend time doing the things you love and like, but only focus on studying as hard as you can everywhere, every time. Trust me, you will see good results. But, who will want to do that? Not me.

Genius and insanity. These two things might seem to be related in a sort of way, but it can actual happen as seen in Nietzsche's case (a genius who later went mad) and also Robert Mayer who attempted suicide after Joule claimed the discovery of heat. Einstein was too named a Mad Genius because of his excessive work, which makes you notice that most geniuses will continue their work and research in a very mad manner with no breaks as shown with the case of Sir Isaac Newton. An "Uberman" described by Nietzsche who will replace God, A genius with an IQ of 180+ (Figures close to the Uberman ~ Davinci, Goethe, Napoleon).

So, can you increase your IQ or intelligence? Is there any way of making yourself a hyper intellectual? Well, most psychologists say "no". One of the ways, I think there is a high probability of changing your brain into a productive and high absorbent is the through suffering. I personally went through a phase of suffering and depression that made me focus more on studying and learning things from programming to philosophy to science. It seems confusing, but my mental breakdowns and problems made me empty on the inside, and this emptiness was to be filled with knowledge. This technique is not available for everyone, but only those who really go through hard times in their life. I suggest you take a path of studying everything you get your hand on, you might be able to exploit the genius inside of you. Also, mental illnesses and brain traumas might also contribute in cases of increased intelligence as previous studies showed. A theory suggests to increase your intelligence, is to be able to increase your head size making your brain bigger which means more neurons and spread them in the higher cognitive functions side and the faster they are the more predictable you will be a genius.

It is really hard to determine intelligent people. These days, there are many intelligent and smart individuals who have been let down by society. Social media made us dumber than we already are. The problem is, everything seem to be fine in the outside world. In reality, we are dead in the inside. When, WW1 or WW2 happened, there was a rise in the intellectual movement because it was a huge problem in the outside world that made all of us feel threatened. Which gave rise to many brilliant minds. But, now that everything seem to be peaceful, and there is no outside problem. Our lives seemed to be boring, so we were giving social media. It helped us, but that too was boring for our pity lives. At this point, the problem wasn't life but us. Life wasn't empty, we were. We got lazy and chose our peaceful lives, and let them do the work for us. Thus, our intelligence was both neglected and forgotten by the "peace" we have. I might say that in the future, if there is a WW3 or a big thread to humanity. Maybe then, our intelligence will rise again and create new things, we just need to hope it is not to late.