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my name is Z, welcome.

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who am i?

I don't know, I really don't know who i am anymore. Maybe somewhere in my life, i had the feeling of knowing where i belong but sadly i didn't. This life is becoming darker day by day, the struggle to keep yourself alive and to not just end it all is hard. I observe people everyday and i get amazed by their happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, smiles, courage, and everything good i see in them, later i noticed something odd and strange about them. I noticed that deep inside, they were sad too, that they were too hiding behind their masks and trying to suppress their feelings by fake ones just to fit in this sadistic society. I then understood that i wasn't the only one in the suffering but we all were sharing the same road of this endless hurt. Life has been in a total state of boredom for me, I wish i was able to hide this pain even more and keep wearing my mask to face society and their lies but my mask is soon to be broken and I don't know if that is good or bad. School, Jobs, Education, all of these are just meaningless tasks that one needs to be forced to do, they made the rules and we shall obey and if you don't you will face the consequences of their system. I mean they have the greatest manipulative invention to ever be made and that is "money" and with money they will control you and you can do nothing about it but to follow the rules without asking many question. We study for meaningless subjects that has no value to an individual but they force him to do it and ignore what he really wants to do, we work for jobs to provide their needs and they give us the rest like we are animals, yet even animals are to be treated better. In reality, you are a fool, i am a fool, all of us are fools. The best we know, is that this life could be a stand up comedy show and we are all comedians created by god to be laughed at, and our creator is now laughing from their godly TV screens about how idiotic we are.

Life is miserable and everything within it is filled with suffering, we are selfish by nature and we are sadistic in the inside because of society and the rules that you need to follow to be one of them or else you will get abandoned by everyone. Happiness is temporary, and It does not last forever like suffering and you should accept that, people will bring you down, mock you, make fun of you but they are all victims just like you. They too have been mocked and suffered just like you, they are all victims of the people who made them that way and those too are victims to other people, which we get to the conclusion that "everyone is a victim". The question is who is to blame is it the one who created us this way or is it just our nature of evolution, if the first one is true then we should all aim to kill this god who is making fools of us, i guess that is what religion is doing, making a fool of him too. I guess we are somewhat equal.